Install ESXi 5.X on HP Microserver with 2GB memory

Boot the system from USB Stick with ESXi installer on it.

Once the installer welcome screen shows up, press alt+F1 to go to the first console (login prompt)

Login as root, no password.

  1. cd /usr/lib/vmware/weasel/util

There are a few files but the is of interest to us

  1. rm upgrade_precheck.pyc // (the compiled version) -
  1. mv // because the file can not be edited due to some immortal flags and lack of tools to remove these flags
  1. cp
  1. vi // then search for line that has ((1024 * 2 ) - 32)

Replace value of MEM_MIN_SIZE =(4 * 1024 -32) Size_MiB with something like this (1 * 1024 -32) and save (:w! in vi)

  1. ps -c | grep weas // find the PID
  1. kill -9 #### // where #### is the python PID

Return to the second console with installer (alt+F2) Continue as normal

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