J'ai récupéré une tablette Acer Iconia A3-A10 avec deux problèmes.

Problème numéro 1 : Bootloop ou redémarrage en boucle avec de temps en temps de logo Acer ou juste le rétroéclairage.

Solution : ici ou détail ci dessous.

  • Step 1: Download the Acer Iconia A3-A10 Firmware Click to download .
  • Step 2: Download SP Flash Tool Click here to download . ( you may find different version, but this one only works with A3-A10).
  • Step 3: Turn off the tablet via long press power button, or insert a needle in a hole between the HDMI and the speaker.
  • Step 4: Remove the back Cover of the tablet, and unplug the battery
  • Step 5: Insert usb cable and connect to PC, let windows install the mtk65xx driver, once its done , download usb view and unistall the installed driver and follow instructions from this site here.
  • Step 6: Launch SP Flash Tool.

- Press "File" -> "Open Scatter-loading file..." and choose mt****_Android_scatter_emmc.txt from firmware folder.- Press "Window" -> "Write Memory". New tab will appear, open it.- Press "Open Raw Data...", choose secouff.img from firmware folder.- Choose EMMC Memory setting.

- Put 0x3D80000 in begin address(HEX).

- Put whatever the value in File Size in Container length (HEX).

-Press "Write Memory", connect turned-off tablet to PC and wait.

-Progress bar will fill with red, then with gray-green, then ou will see grenn circle.

- Disconnect tablet from PC, go to Download tab.

  • Step 7: -Press "Firmware -> Upgrade" and connect your turned-off tablet to PC.

-Progress bar will fill with purple for few times, then red, then flash with green few times, then yellow, and then (probaly) gray-green. After this you will see green circle.

Problème numéro 2 : l'écran tactile ne fonctionne que sur la moiter de sa surface.

Solution :

Démontage du panneau arrière puis déconnecter et reconnecter les deux nappes du touch screen sur le haut de la tablette.